Annual Report 2016

We began this year with the consciousness that this was the final year of our grant from the New York Foundation. We reduced some our of our program activities and focused more directly pm securing the administrative structure of the organization. We were able to secure two grants (Robin Hood and The Sharing Fund) for program expenses. We affirmed that we would continue to function as basically a volunteer working board using consultants for specific tasks. As we ended the year, we will continue our efforts to secure administrative and organizational development funds. In our upcoming board retreat , we will be developing a long time strategic plan and taking responsibilities for future programs.
Purpose of the NY Foundation Fifth Year Grant: Two challenge negative values, hate speech and hostility that Black LGBT people face in the faith community.
Our goals for the year have been: To develop a plan for moving the organization to the next level of functioning

We developed a job description for an administrative coordinator and website manager. We were able to obtain funds from the Robin Hood Foundation to employ a consultant who would organize our direct work with Black clergy around issues of concern to the LGBT community… homeless gay youth. The person employed organized a group of clergy who engaged in planning and implementing a citywide clergy , providers and youth people to discuss the issues and problems around the care of gay LGBT youth. An chair oversaw this effort. The committee successfully held the citywide clergy with co-sponsorship from the Metropolitan LGBT Gay Youth Clinic. To our knowledge this was the first time that an event focusing on Black homeless gay youth was called for members of our community.

Growing out of the need identified in this event, the committee held a second event as a fundraiser for a local homeless youth center.
Our monies from the Sharing Fund allowed us to transfer paper records to hard drives. All fiscal reports were brought up to date and IRS and NYS Charitable reports were filed up to date. Since we had worked under a fiscal agent for several years, all of our fiscal records had to be created to file required documents. This work had not been done by the fiscal agent.

A treasurer was elected and all fiscal records were removed from the office of the Administrative Coordinator to her care. New banking records were opened with signatures of the new officers.
We accepted two new board members who brought additional skills to our functioning . Our bylaws were also revised and brought into compliance with new requirements. We did this work with the assistance of the Lawyers’ Alliance


Goal: To analyze the organizational costs for the last five years and establish discreet costs for programs that we will continue

Based on an analysis of the program expenditures , we have been able to develop a yearly organizational budget that will cover our program expenses. This does not include costs for an administrative person. Using the established budget we will be able to plan more efficiently within the limitations of our monies.
We will continue our fund-raising efforts focusing on raising salary for an administrative person. For the last years, we have functioned with a volunteer administrator. Four of our workers engaged with CRE in refining our goals and work objectives while evaluating the ways in which we are presenting ourselves in proposals. We developed a clear concise draft of a proposal to use for future fund-raising.
Goal : To work with others and establish visibility and legitimacy within our community.

We continue to have strong working relationships with Black LGBT community members . We have been founding members of the Circle of Life Celebration and the LGBT Community 10 Black and Latino Task Force that will become the NYC Equality Coalition. Our ties are strong as members of the Mayor’s and The City Council Faith Based and LGBT Networks.

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