CAMBA’s Project Accept LGBTQ Youth (Project ALY)

 CAMBA’s Project Accept LGBTQ Youth or simply Project ALY, utilizes stories

of acceptance from supportive parents and families of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and teens in Brooklyn order to change underlying

causes of HIV infection amongst this highly at-risk group. The ultimate goal is to

promote parental and familial acceptance of LGBTQ youth, thus increasing self-esteem

and self-worth and decreasing risk of future health or mental health problems including

HIV infection and substance abuse. By encouraging parents and family members of

LBGTQ youth to become role models and share their stories of acceptance, we will help

break the silence, remove stigma, and motivate change throughout the community. In

addition to this, parents and family members who struggle with acceptance will gain

better understanding of the detrimental effects that disapproval and rejection can have on

LBGTQ youth and their decisions to engage in risky behaviors. By helping to increase

tolerance and acceptance, Project ALY will reduce these risks thus preventing new HIV



Project ALY consists of several components to promote structural change around

acceptance of LGBTQ youth: 1) an intervention that draws on a community identification

process, 2) the development and dissemination of role model stories and a toolkit for

parents/family members; 3) group presentations by Parent Advocates for parents and

family members in schools, churches and other community settings; 4) an ongoing

support group for parents of LGBTQ youth; and 5) a social marketing campaign. In the

Community Identification Process, we interviewed stakeholders and held focus groups

with parents/family members and LGBTQ youth in order to understand family rejection

of LGBTQ youth, identify solutions and appropriate messages for our target population,

and generate role model stories.


For this project, we are focusing on African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino youth

and their families in areas of Brooklyn most highly impacted by HIV: Flatbush/East

Flatbush, Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights, East New York, Williamsburg/Bushwick, Coney

Island/Sheepshead Bay.
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