Darnell Moore

Darnell Moore is a writer, educator and activist living in Brooklyn, N.Y.
His writing explores the intersections of race, sexuality, gender and class.
His work also examines notions of Black religiosity and theologies of sexuality.
He is working on a first book project tentatively titled “To be Black, Queer and Christian: Essays on the Black church and Sexuality.”

Mr. Moore joined with Derrick McMackie for the piece: “To Believe or Not to Believe: Is That the Right Question for LGBT people?” Derrick McMackie is the founder of The Anti-Intellect Blog. A graduate of Florida A&P University, he resides in the DC area where he is at work on his first book: a collection of essays on race, gender, sexuality, and atheism.

He can be reached on Twitter: @Anti_Intellect
or @ his blog: Anti-Intellect Blog

We are proud to have him share his viewpoints with LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. Check this page for links to upcoming posts.