LGBT Youth: Telling OUR Stories

Our youth bio-video project was a part of our visibility, education and change objectives. Primarily, we want and will continue to, add faces and stories of people of color to fill the void. Our young people were self-referred or referred by a local school. They went through a very intensive training on how to tell and write their stories and how to use the camera to create a live image. Robert Penn of Robert Penn Productions was the master film maker for the project. Carmen Neely was the administrator and manager of the educational process.We did not coach any of the young people except to assist them (as they assisted each other) in telling their story with an authentic voice and a clear message. The young people understood that they were helping others who were struggling with their sexual identity. I believe that they came away from the project feeling more confident and capable of affirming themselves and being “pioneers” for other young people who live in fear, shame or secrecy. Enjoy.