There Is Wonder In the World

By Ronald Lonesome

Ronald Lonesome, M.D.

Ronald Lonesome, M.D.


Ronald just celebrated his 75th year on this planet.
This celebration has led him to take stock of formative events in his life.

He is a member of the LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent, and has served on the board for several years.
He is a retired psychiatrist and an addiction treatment specialist.
He continues to be open to the wonders of our universe.






By Ronald Lonesome, M.D.

Sometimes wonderful things happen to me.
It comes totally out of the blue and quite without my request.

When I was 5 years old living in Little Ferry, New Jersey, my Aunt Nora and I were waiting for the bus in Hackensack to take us back home. I looked down and saw a blue and white Cushman’s Bakery box unattended near the building. Bakery boxes were a wonder to me.

I wondered what was inside. I wondered why no one was attending to this treasure. I said to Aunt Nora, “Look at that cake box…who’s is it?” She looked around and then said, “I guess someone forgot it.” I asked, ”Can we take it home?” There was a long pause, then the bus arrived.

“O.K., bring it along” she finally said. I was so excited and curious, wondering what we would find in this wonderful box. When we got home Aunt Nora cut the thin white cord wrapped around the box. When she opened it my eyes were wide and my heart was thumping. In the box was a beautiful white coconut layer cake. We had a real treasure!

For several days, Aunt Nora, Uncle Louie and I enjoyed this wonderful surprise treat.

To this day, I have a sense of warmth and joy that we were so blessed to have found this delicious cake. I have wondered about the person who forgot this treasure. It was then that I began to believe in the magic of good fortune that comes into  my life.

Fifty years later, while I was in a low point in my life and sitting alone on a bench on a  great lawn of a mansion serving as a rehab program. I looked up and felt the presence  of a healing spirit that gave me a new hope. The spirit that told me, “It was time to come in out of the rain…Let these people help you.”

Here was a special treat that led me to begin my healing journey and my reunion with God. Here was another gift, un-earned and not sought.

It was grace…without the coconut icing. I am full of gratitude.

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