Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and the Devaluation of Colored Skin

By, Rev. Dr. Lisa Robinson

Amadou Diallo was murdered for carrying a wallet

Trayvon Martin was murdered for carrying a bag of skittles and ice tea…

How many more of our black men must die at the hands of trigger happy police officers and/or a neighborhood watch person? When will the day come when black life will be valued?

I pray for mothers all over the world that have a black son, a Caribbean son, a Hispanic son, because history has shown us that their life doesn’t matter and no value is placed on it.

It grieves my spirit (once again) that this mother and father must lay their head down from this night forward knowing that the man who murdered their son, is free! I’m so grateful that God is a Just God and the bible says vengeance is mine … I will repay!

My heart is heavy because this young man was minding his business and he was harassed by someone who was told to leave him alone. George Zimmerman chose not to listen to the order from the police and he murdered an innocent child. George Zimmerman may be free from serving time in jail but he will ALWAYS be in bondage because he knows within his heart that Trayvon didn’t deserve to die. George Zimmerman’s conscience will haunt and torment him until the day he dies.

Someone said, be careful of a baby with “power.”
Rest In Peace, Trayvon…We will NEVER forget!

Oh, God, I pray that as Trayvon’s parents lay their heads down, nightly that you remind them that YOU are God. God wrap your loving arms around them and let them know that even in the midst of the “not guilty verdict” there is a community of people praying for their strength.

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